Children or spouses of persons in the risk group may well come in school or day-care center after easter.

When the country’s crèches, kindergartens and schools for the 0.-5.-classes opening after easter, there is laid up for the children, teachers and educators, who live with persons at risk for coronavirus, well be meeting in the school.

It is puzzling from several sides. On Facebook, a group – My child must not be guinea pig for Covid-19 – which has reached approximately 30,000 members.

many parents are skeptical of sending their children back in school or day care. It also applies to the parents, which itself assesses to be at risk.

the national board of Health announced Tuesday night guidelines in order to reopen schools and day care centers, and here reads it, that you can meet up, if someone in the household is infected with the coronavirus.

The same is true if you live with a person at risk, which are particularly vulnerable to the virus.

the Risk group is older than 65 years of age, but especially over 80 years. Moreover, persons with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases, liver diseases and blood disorders.

a Risk is also people with a reduced immune system as a result of blood disorders, organ transplant and cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, or are hiv-infected.

It applies additionally pregnant women and women who have given birth within two weeks.

At SF is group chairman Jacob Mark very critical of the national board of Health guidance, which he believes should be made.

– It is very worrying that you are going to ask employees who have a spouse who is ill, about to get to work, and that you will send children to school or day care center, which may take the infection home to the chronically ill sister or brother.

– We believe that we, here in the first phase of the reopening, be sure to fit really well on the vulnerable and preserve them, so they do not risk to be infected, says Jacob Mark.

He says that the political parties in the Danish Parliament on Tuesday got the opposite message from the government.

Ritzau has since Tuesday night tried in vain to get the Board to answer the question of why children or servants, who live with an infected or at risk, well be meeting up in school or day care.