“Are you as a father, a Schisshas or a super hero?” In such a question any other News would race-Stars of it. Not so the “10 before 10”-Cowboy Arthur Honegger (40). As a former America correspondent, he is accustomed to the wide lookout. He has always seen itself as a News Host, as the host, who also wants to convey upscale Kurzweil. Starting tomorrow, he talks in the new SRF program “Perfect parents” free from the changing table.

With his wife, Henna P. Turunen (35), a Finnish photographer, he has two children. The daughter is a third grader, the son is in the Chindsgi. Yes, he had to overcome his Fears as a dad. The have to do with his Childhood, reveals Honegger completely private.

in addition to talking to him in the family documentary presenters such as Cornelia Boesch (44), Nicole Berchtold (41), Wasiliki Goutziomitros (40) and Reto Scherrer (43), which switches to a view of the TV, on parenting stress, tantrums and sticky fingers.

Proud of his children

of Course, he was not a perfect father, assured Honegger VIEWS. He always notice. “For example, in the morning, when we all need to get on the train and the socks Remind also, after eight times of not attracted to.” But sometimes he could be proud of. “When you realize that the children have done something where you thought, you can’t, it says – then that is a great feeling,” he said. “Then the daddy comes in and says: Yeahh!”

Very deep the consignment, however, not look. Frantic Statements from chase, pedagogical approaches to missing. The calculus is clear: the view of The Private to raise the profile of the presenters.

Honegger is the love child of Social Media-makers of SRF: He promoted the “10 before 10” in the social media, shows like to be stonewashed and post a Video that shows his little son as a Snowboard-hero. Honegger is justified: “a Lot of people don’t think that four years of snowboarding. Or first skiing need to learn. The Video is a response to the fact and speaks for itself.”

Refreshing, but sometimes he is annoying

it is Clear that Honegger is credible, occasionally tongue-in-cheek, especially, refreshing, and different. But sometimes he is annoying with his activism. What he has mastered: The audience now have the feeling that he was seeing every night on the screen.

As he reported in a “10 before 10”-post recently about people shooting more and more into the height, he let himself in the Studio of self that is much larger than it is. He was not a self-promoter, assured the presenter. “The thing is always in the center of the journalism. If it is this thing but, why not I tell stories with a personal Touch–?”

colleagues complain, Honegger had brought in the Doc-series “unknown America” and more in the focus than the portrait of one of the protagonists. And after a “10 before 10”-series about the happiness of the people in the high North this summer, he was the most happy – because of its continuous presence in the program.

And now, talking about the News anchor is also very Private: his children and the family. Why does he do that? “Yeah, well, I share my experiences, which know all the parents. So personally this is not. Because I draw a clear boundary for privacy,” he says.

parents can identify

The series is definitely worth seeing. “All parents can identify with these Statements. You are talking about,” says Honegger.

And when people say that he is inflationary to see on all channels? “I totally understand,” he says thoughtfully. “I’ve been working on lately very much, the result is a lot of TV-minutes. But fear not: A permanent condition that is not.”

The first five episodes of the “Perfect parents” from Monday, online, Radio SRF 3 and Play SRF, as well as on Instagram and Facebook to.