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– No one can understand the job that parents with disabled children do. You are so terribly worn out, says May Britt Dale.

She is the mother of a 14-year-old boy with a rare autismesyndrom. He has a great need for follow-up around the clock. To normal he goes on a spesialskole and SFO, and thus get the parents offload a part hours every day.

Now, the school is closed, and the family nor any other form of relief. Thus, it is the mother’s responsibility alone the entire day and the entire night in weeks where her son lives with her and not with her father.

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For Dale, however, it is not just the responsibility of the son who wreaks havoc on. She responds that the government has promised that the offer to children with special needs will be maintained through the korona crisis.

With her experiences in hjemkommunen Moss, she believes this is directly wrong.

– All should help in the situation that is now. And when the government says that the weakest should be taken care of, so thinking people that it is great. But I throw up if the High to say how nice it is again, ” says Dale with address to the health – and care services ms. Bent Tall (H).

According to the organization Løvemammaene is Dale far from alone. Rettighetsansvarlig Nina Bakkefjord, who also live in Moss, says that they have received enquiries from people in many places in the country that are in similar situations. It makes her worried.

although all must be prepared to contribute in a period of martial law, the problem here is that the parents simply being worn out when the situation lasts over time, she believes.

We have received feedback that parents do not know how they will manage everyday life forward. They are already on the rim after that the municipalities have gone into the unburdening. It is extremely desperate parents, ” says Bakkefjord.

Is heard

the ministry of Children and familieminister Kjell Britain Ropstad (KrF) is asking municipalities to do more for the families.

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten

When kommunalsjef for upbringing and education in the Moss, Johanna Lervik, get to hear about the frustration of Dale, admits she that they are not trapped well enough up the need in this case.

– We must now examine what is the need for relief and solve this together with the parents, ” says Lervik.

Also in the government, they realize that something must be done. The ministry of health refers to the child – and familieminister Kjell Britain Ropstad to answer questions to this issue. Ropstad writing to NRK that they have received feedback that parents of children with special needs is a particularly great pressure.

Therefore asks the municipalities to take action.

We have now asked the municipalities to report how they follow up the most vulnerable children. The numbers we’ve collected suggests that very few children receive an offer of residence in a school and a kindergarten, as of today, and that there can be several children that should receive such offers, write Ropstad.

– At the breaking point

socialist left Karin Andersen is concerned for the families that have lost avlastingstilbud to care and omsorgstrengende under korona-onset.

Photo: Ksenia Novikova / NRK

One of those who have engaged in the case, is stortingspolitiker Karin Andersen (SV). She has written several written questions to the government about this, precisely with the goal that the government should provide clearer guidelines to the municipalities.

– I’m keen to get answers on how to weigh the extreme smittetiltak and the extreme need for relief, she says.

Bakkefjord in Løvemammaene stresses that the legislation that will ensure health – care services also applies in these days, but think it varies a lot from municipality to municipality, how much supply they have managed to offer.

She believes the municipalities should be more creative, for example, by having assistants who normally follows the children closely in schools work at home with the kids to relieve the parents.

the Problem is that many municipalities do not want to use the solutions that are found. Privatavlastning, support and such is laid down all over the place, but there are opportunities to provide for those who are hardest hit offer in the home, ” says Bakkefjord.

In the municipality of Moss, they have so far not sent assistants and teachers from the schools home to the children to follow up and relieve. But both this and other similar measures, to ongoing assessment, informs the oppvekstsjef Lervik.

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