Parents have offered to give the hospital because of a quarantine in schools

Now this sheet is only available to the parent of a child under 7 years of age, a kindergarten which was closed for quarantine. For parents of students of such measures is provided: in each case they have an agreement with the employer, to take unpaid leave or, if possible, ask to watch the kids and grandparents.

Photo: iStock How is the transition of schools for distance learning

According to Volynets, due to the epidemiological situation for the coronavirus more and more schools are closed on quarantine. In families where parents cannot take leave or to work remotely, children are often left at home unattended.

“the Problem is in the fact that under the law, abandonment of children under 14 years old without supervision are fraught with criminal prosecution and even limit parental rights. For example, if the accident occurred”, – said Irina Volynets.

Therefore, social activists propose to allow the parents, who were in a desperate situation, to go on paid sick leave until the end of the quarantine in the schools.

earlier, the Ministry of education recommended that schools jump on distance learning. Many regions already sent the disciples to quarantine or early vacation. Schools must be closed from 21 March to 12 April. However, for students in grades 1-4 at the request of the parents can continue to work small “on-call” group to 12 children.