But the Parents ‘ Landsorganisation calls for many answers on how the opening of the children’s area to work.

It is good that the pressure is taken of the parents who in recent weeks have struggled with both to take care of their work and take care of babysitting and homeschooling on top.

How does this sound from the president Signe Nielsen from the Parents ‘ Landsorganisation, Fola, as a reaction to the government will now reopen the nurseries, institutions and primary and lower secondary youngest classes.

– There is a relief that we now open up, so that parents, who have been maximum pressure, can drop off their children again, she says.

– But we are asking for some more clear guidelines for how it should be done, so everyone can drop off their children in the safe and secure framework, she says.

She, in particular, want clarity on how vuggestueområdet must be handled.

– All the small children to run in from new of. At the same time understand the children, at least, not that they must keep a distance. How do you do that without having to add additional funds, she asks.

Signe Nielsen has also struggled to see how to comply with the requirements of a maximum of ten persons assembled at institutions with many children and staff.

– And how should we as parents handle, that the children need to be in quarantine for 48 hours if they have had symptoms. It challenges the existing rules on the child’s first day of sickness, says Signe Nielsen. in relation to the rules on the child’s first day of sickness. .

– at the same time, many parents are indeed cut off from the in connection with corona using the grandparents, as many else does, when the kids are sick.

Are you as a parent comfortable with this way to do it?

– I have chosen to relate to them, to the health authorities advised us, when we closed the community down. Why do I listen to them also, when we now need to close up again. I will have to rely on the health authorities do what they believe is best for society.