Anna Netrebko with son

the 48-year-old Opera diva Anna Netrebko with her husband Yusif Eyvazov and son from a previous relationship, 11-year-old Thiago, went on vacation to Turkey. The star is enjoying a vacation in Bodrum. Anna before Breakfast swims in the pool, riding jet skies, parasailing is and, of course, is sharing with fans photos in a swimsuit. Anna admitted that they can not abandon the sun and noted its positive impact on your appearance.

whatever they say about sun damage and aging skin, I will say one thing: my skin in the sun is transformed and looks younger (almost 50 years). I use suntan oil and lightweight protection for the paint on the nose and shoulders. Do not advise anyone — just a fact,

— added Netrebko.

In comments to the post and the fans were delighted with the picturesque views of Bodrum and from the look of Netrebko. The singer told that he lost during home isolation. She eats absolutely everything, but very small portions. So she manages not to fall on sweet or fried. By the way, Anna always eats only fresh vegetables or lean fish.

Yusif Eyvazov and the son of Anna Netrebko Thiago