the Sosnowski’s Hogweed is one of the most dangerous plants in Russia and therefore botanists are advised to avoid it. However, doctors believe that the bad reputation of plants is greatly exaggerated. Reports of suffocating pollen Hogweed and the possibility of paralysis have no reason to.

As reported the candidate of medical Sciences, the employee sechenovskiy University Vladimir Beketov, the scientific literature is not fixed data confirming the dangers of Hogweed pollen for human health.

“Credibly claim that the concentration of substances will peregonets in the form of an aerosol wind per person and will be able to cause burns or other damage – it’s not serious”, – says the doctor.

Evidence that Hogweed can cause paralysis as well not exist. Such plants can only be found in Latin America and South-East Asia.But if the Hogweed juice gets on your skin, it can cause severe burns.

– If struck by a large surface of skin, then wound the top can “sit” secondary bacterial skin infection. This can cause very serious injuries. They are treated in a special Toxicological and burn units, says Mr Beketov.

In case of defeat Hogweed the skin should be washed with plenty of soap and water and seek medical help so the doctor prescribed treatment.