The Easter nests should have found and the chocolate bunnies to be eaten. The most important and oldest Christian Festival would have been on 24. March should go on the stage. But why should and would? What is wrong with Easter this year?

Already in 325 ad at the Council of Nicaea was established by the Church, Easter is held on the Sunday after the first full moon in spring. And as spring is the beginning of the 21 had. To apply to March, although the astronomical start of spring, also on the 19th, 20. or 21. March can fall.

14. April 2019

18. April 2019

19. April 2019

20. April 2019

21. April 2019

22. April 2019

10. June 2019

a time window of five weeks

This gives the possible dates of Easter, the following Extreme options: If on 21. March is a full moon, and at the same time Saturday, will be celebrated Easter Sunday on the earliest possible date, the 22nd. March – this was in 1818 for the last Time. The full moon occurs on a 20. March between 12 and 24 hours, before the artificially set at the beginning of spring, is rising only at the 19. April between 00 and 12 at the first spring full moon in the sky. Then, when the 19. April, a Sunday, moves to Easter, theoretically, even on the 26. April. This would have been 1981. However, this extreme variant of Easter according to the rules is still on 19. April celebrated. The a time window of 22 results for Easter. March to the 25. April. By the way: Pentecost and ash Wednesday are from the date of Easter depending on the you held seven weeks after, and 40 days before that – and move accordingly.


This year the Situation is even more complicated. The astronomical and thus a real full moon lit up, actually, in the 21st century. March to 2.43 at the night. So he was would have full moon of spring and Easter on the 24th. Celebrated in March. The Church is charged now but the full moon date for centuries after a particular cycle, according to the of the full moon, this year on June 20th. March in the sky emblazoned. This calculation is wrong. Nevertheless, Virtually or in accordance with the Church’s target was at 20. March full moon, before the beginning of spring. So he was still as a winter full moon and, consequently, was on 24. March is not yet Easter. Instead, rises on the 19. April the first spring full moon in the sky and we fall to us at 21. April on the Easter eggs.

This whole complicated matter called Easter-paradox. The next of its kind will only occur in the year 2038. The old Church formulas, no worry, all of 19 years old for a late Easter, as well as confusion, and journalists, the fight when you Explain the hair.

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Easter Bunny, egg hunts, roast lamb: at Easter there is a lot of traditions. But what Christians are celebrating, exactly? What should have happened in the Holy week reads like a Thriller.


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