Last year’s winner of the ‘Paradise Hotel’ Anne Plejdrup was Friday, not according to the authorities ‘ recommendations and took place in the city and partied. She has since had to hear from his many followers, who has sent her hate messages.

“As you all probably know, I was out on Friday. After it there are several of you who have written sweet (and not-so-sweet) messages, that it is recklessly and injudiciously. I would actually like to give you the right and say sorry – because of course one must take care of each other and become flat, as the government has recommended,” writes Anne in an Instagram lookup.

Anne admits that she didn’t think about the consequences of going out, since she was not in the gatherings of more than 100 people, as the authorities advised against.

“I think not, that I had understood how serious the here the pandemic actually is, although I well knew that it is bad. So I say once and for all, SORRY, take care of each other and stay at home, as our dear government has recommended.”

When it is said and done, so understand Anne not the need for people to be abusive in tone opposite her.

“It is super easy for you to hate on us, because we are public persons. If you have things you think you are going to tell us because we do something stupid, it is therefore nothing to do it in a mess. Do it properly and adult manner, like I have insight and can see that it was stupid to take out.”

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