It is not easy to be a dane abroad these days, and if you are a public person as a ‘Paradise’-baben Elina, so it is extra hard.

Last year’s Miss Paradise, Elina, is right now on vacation on Lombok is an indonesian island, and even though she was raised in Denmark and the rest of the EU was closed down, so it is not friendly messages, she receives these days from its followers.

‘People write that I’m super selfish, and I don’t have any brain, and if I do not follow what is happening in the world and only interested in myself. Another wrote, it was ruthlessly, that I was just sitting and enjoying myself in the heat, while they are in quarantine in Denmark,’ writes Elina for Realityportalen.

In a long Instagram-lookups make Elina his followers aware that they should talk nicely, since they do not know her situation.

‘I will become the master happy, if you think you about an extra time before sending personal hadebeskeder to me because I’m not at home in the UK. I have had really hard time to enjoy the last few days, because the concerns expressed about what is happening throughout the world right now, is getting bigger and bigger for each day. ⁣I understand 100%, we are in the midst of a global crisis, but therefore I would like to post pleasant things from my trip, after all, before we go home here soon, so EVERYTHING is not corona related,’ writes Elina on his lookup.

For Realityportalen tells Elina that it annoys her even more, because people don’t know about her situation.

“If people knew how much corona has filled this holiday, and how much trouble I’ve had to get a flight home, they would probably not say those things. It’s just too bad people are so quick to judge and be for each other.”

Fly home today

Elina has a flight today and expect to land in Copenhagen airport on 25. march, but she fears a cancellation.

“My friends down here had a plane six hours after me, which has just been canceled,” says Elina, who would like to have, that people understand how much she has done to get the ticket.

‘I have among other things been sitting in the queue on the phone for more than 8 hours, got our parents to call our airline, as our own bill was not huge animals. ⁣We have really done what we can. Just like in at home have done it in may,’ writes Elina, who is trying to get the best out of the remainder of the holiday, before she going home in quarantine in Denmark.

See Elinas lookup here:

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