Jonas is on a romantic date in the forest, but the romance drown, when Jonas throws up right beside his date.

the Romance there is nothing wrong, when this year’s ‘Paradise’-participant, Jonas Daniel Westh Ptak has invited his date Lives out in the woods, where Jonas has arranged picnic in the naturgrønne destinations. Something of the romance, however, will be destroyed, since Jonas can’t keep the food on-board.

“There is fire, we are sitting outside, and there is little raw nature, oysters and some delicious. Maybe I can show my savage now, if I can squeeze it down,” says Jonas in the program about the oysters, he needs to eat.

Although the date Life without problems eats his oysters, so that must be from Jonas page a little more courage to. The delicious oysters when not to be in the stomach long before Jonas throws up right beside his date.

“Fuck, where is it disgusting. I get tears in my eyes,” says Jonas shortly after having thrown up, but he hopes that he is still a savage in Life’s eyes.

“I think I’m going to be a savage, but probably a broken savage for the oysters, I can’t.”

Watch the clip below, where Jonas near throwing up in addition to its date, and see the whole section on Viaplay and Viafree.

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