“Here is Berlin” – with these words, the tongue ready for Dieter Thomas Heck (1937-2018) announced its live show “ZDF-Hitparade”, which was recorded in up to 27 million viewers. “How often have I stood at his charming words, behind the Scenes and waited for my appearance,” recalls Paola Felix (68) to an unforgettable time. 30 Times she was represented in the cult show. For the first Time with “Bonjour, Bonjour” in 1969, and later seven Times, with their catchy tune “Blue Bayou”. Finally, even the rules had to be changed, because it was so successful.

Gottschalk knocked in Paola

Although the charming St. Galleries retired with 40 years of show business, was wanted for her Evergreen again and again in TV Shows. And several times she gave in and took the audience to the flow of love. Only yesterday in the Anniversary show “50 years of ZDF-Hitparade”. She was absent – at least physically – in the Show, there was a reunion with Stars such as Howard Carpendale (73), Matthias Reim (61), Marianne Rosenberg (64) or David Hasselhoff (66).

Paola Felix explains her refusal: “last autumn I was invited by the ZDF. I should be in the talk round, in the many one-player would be shown. When I first met shortly after the request, at a charity gala, Thomas Gottschalk, who hosted the broadcast, we talked about how much there is on the ZDF-Hitparade to tell,” says Paola Felix. But, the “Blue Bayou” again to interpret you don’t want to. Already last Christmas, she had given the song once more in the Helene-Fischer-Show. “It was a heart desire of Helene. After she had me carry the request already three times, I could not just say no,” says Paola. “This request I fulfilled from my heart.”

No Comeback despite Offered

But: Paola wants to stay its decision, true, not always. Otherwise it would have looked really a Comeback. “Of course, I was asked if I would come in anyway as a talk guest. But I found the is not suitable, because all the other guests will sing.” The transmitter took the Paola evil. She was seen in video clips, and is with “Blue Bayou” and “Cinéma” on the anniversary CD. “I’m very happy.”

At the “ZDF-Hitparade” Paola many beautiful memories. “My appearance eleven years ago, in his farewell gala has stirred Dieter Thomas Heck. I sang for him the “Blue Bayou” – with a specially tailor-made Text.” Long ago, a beautiful friendship was born – her husband Kurt (1941-2012), was great with the fast speaker. “For me, the ZDF-Hitparade very strong with Dieter Thomas Heck. Without him, this show would never have become what she was. It is a cult today!”