you deserves it: Next Saturday at 20.10, the Swiss television gives the pop star Paola Felix (68), a large special show. In this year’s edition of the “100% Swiss music” is surprised by the wife of Kurt Felix (†71) of many Swiss artists, interpret their Hits in part also new. In previous years, this honour came to Music giants such as DJ Bobo (50), Peter Reber (69), Polo Hofer (†72). For Sunday view Paola Felix, which occurs also in the big Christmas Show of Helene Fischer handle, in the photo box and show us your most beautiful memories.

I was overjoyed, as I the great VIEWS of the Festival and won in 1967 with the tender age of 16 in the Kursaal in Berne. At the time, the tabloid wrote about me: “your Flamenco skirt, excellently interpreted, brought her 96 of the Jury, and 97 with the Phongerät measured points.” I participated in many such Festivals, it is the forerunner of today’s TV Casting Shows. I must say, The VIEW has been with me since the beginning of my career.

“La famiglia” was to me always the most Important. My father Vittorio was a tailor-cutter with Italian roots – from him I inherited the joy of fashion. And Mamma Anna, you recently had the opportunity to 96. Celebrate a birthday, gave me the joy of Singing in the cradle. It was said to me: “The mother is always with you.” But I prefer to say: she was always a good friend to me and has led me into self-employment. Next to me is my brother, Luigi, was a recruiter, and my sister Elizabeth, with their large family, we will also celebrate this year Christmas.

Concours Eurovision 1969

My fifth place at the Concours Eurovision de la Chanson in Madrid in 1969, was the beginning of my career. My dream job my dream job. By the way: The earlier VIEW-People-author Jack Stark, wrote the Text for “Bonjour, Bonjour”. I was a Eurovision-child: in 1980 I attended this Festival for a second Time and caught up with the Peter Reber-composed song “Cinema” in fourth place.

Here I am seeing in the legendary “Club 68” of the Swiss television. Kurt has produced and moderated the programme. He was for me, “Mr Felix” and he spoke to me with “miss del Medico”. It then took a further ten years, until it should spark between us.

Teleboy Kurt

How we fell in love? Kurt has told this beautiful story for yourself – with these words: “in the Midst of rehearsals for “Teleboy” out went the light. Paola was in Germany a Star! I was ashamed to the ground. In the canteen, I looked for the first Time deep in her beautiful dark eyes. I ventured, more precisely not to look, because Paolas mother was for once. I said to her: “miss Del Medico, we should get married.” And she answered: “Yes, but first we need to tell You.”

At the 13. In September 1980, he carried me Kurt on the bürgenstock literally on hands in a loving relationship. I wore a dress made of St. Gallen embroidery. It is like the one I wore at the Eurovision Song Contest 1969, in St. Gallen, it is exhibited in the textile Museum. There were bets that our marriage would only hold short. But there are 32 happy years were marked by closeness and familiarity.

Kurt and I had moderated the ZDF music show “songs go around the world” – then they found in the ARD: The two could harmonize in the show, “do you Understand Fun?”, Kurt alone presented. From 1983 to 1990, we led jointly by the consignment. She brought over 20 million viewers. Today, I’ll be approached a lot.

but “gets it

After Kurt had the brilliant comedian Otto in, took a shot of this in a fun way, to me, “do you Understand Fun?”. First, he asked me innocently: “What is a East power, if he sees a Swiss girl?” Flight, he threw himself on me – he was literally staggering. And Kurt said: “That was the only Time that Paola was under another man.”


Kurt and I had finished our careers with 50 and 40 years. After that we had a pent-up demand to travel, for example, as here with the Motorhome through the United States. After years in Hotels, we have enjoyed the togetherness in a confined space in the freedom. Extensive Bicycle tours across Switzerland were among our favorites.

Dieter Thomas stern

My appearance eleven years ago, in his farewell gala, Dieter Thomas Heck has stirred a lot. I was with my song “Blue Bayou” seven Times in his “ZDF-Hitparade”. After this success, had to be changed after the regulations. I have sung for the Dieter, once again, “Blue Bayou” – with a specially tailor-made Text. I owe a lot to him.

11. With Kurt 2003

I am so happy and grateful that I was able to learn with Kurt, the great love. He will always remain deep in my heart. In this image from 2003, he was a cancer therapy, back to health. It is often that one puts in difficult times closer together, but closer than we were anyway, you can’t. We were the whole time, we were able to spend together, intimately connected to each other.