Pandemonium in Turkish: what are the consequences of the hysteria of Ankara towards Russia

the Worsening situation in the Syrian Idlib provoked a barrage of negativity in the Turkish social networks. It is directed not against the militants who kill civilians and hide behind them as human shields, but against Russia. The radicals have threatened personally, our Ambassador in Ankara. The Kremlin has expressed confidence that the Turkish side will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of Russians.

because of the events in Idlib in Turkish social began to appear anti-Russian comments, and the Russian Ambassador in Ankara received direct threats. Protection of the Russian diplomatic mission in Turkey strengthened. Our diplomats are still working as usual.

“the Situation recently escalated. In this regard, we appealed to the Turkish authorities. I must say that they took our request with understanding. Taking all necessary security measures both from the Embassy and the local authorities”, — commented the press-attache of the Russian Embassy in Turkey Irina Kasimova.

the Reason for the increased security was a flurry of anti-Russian hysteria in the Turkish social networks. In recent days, the Syrian Idlib sharply aggravated situation in the zone of de-escalation. The already difficult situation of the Turkish radicals actually turned inside out — they accused Russia of covering up the alleged hostile actions of the official Damascus, which is trying to oust terrorists from the area. Now the threat fell personally addressed to the Ambassador.

“That the escalation in Syria. I agree: a very painful event and anxious days. Killed first Russian officers, then the Turkish soldiers. But look what a monstrous pandemonium started in social networks. Don’t want to, but I will quote some of the sayings: “kiss your ass Goodbye”, “no One will mourn you”, “it Is time for you to burn” and all that stuff” — spoke about the events Ambassador Rossiin Turkey Alexey erkhov.

a Similar escalation of the situation in Turkey (the Russian Ambassador noted especially) was already five years ago during the onset of the Syrian forces in Aleppo province. Then all has ended with a serious crisis (after the downed Turkish fighter jet Russian bomber) and a sharp cooling of relations between Moscow and Ankara, until the freeze of trade-economic relations. Later, in 2016, in an attack was killed by Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov.

Turkey’s President Erdogan has strongly condemned the whipping up of hysteria in the media and the situation with threats in social networks.