Pandemic is not an obstacle: in France held the first round of municipal elections

the First round of municipal elections will be held on Sunday, March 15, in France. The decision to hold the vote, despite the situation with the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, confirmed the President of the Republic Emmanuel macron during a televised address to the nation.

in Order to limit the spread of the virus, the government has included on the voting day, additional protective measures. The interior Minister of France Christophe Castaner, to inspect on Saturday a few polling stations, he assured that “all necessary conditions to hold elections in a secure environment.”

the Stations will be open on Sunday at all 35 thousand French communes, according to TV channel “Russia 24”.

According to the Minister of internal Affairs, in the premises for voting will be with installed capacity of antiseptic gel. The French must come with their own pens. To ensure the secrecy of the voting booths are placed so that the voter will not have to close the curtains from prying eyes.

the plot can be in a medical mask, but it will have to remove at check. Everyone should also keep a distance of 1 meter with other voters in the queue to the polling place and in the premises.

the Government expects a low voter turnout. The event will be attended by over 900 thousand candidates. The most important stage of voting will traditionally be the election of the mayor of Paris. In addition, the citizens ‘ attention focused on the elections of the heads of Lyon and Le Havre. The mayor of Le Havre is running for Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe.