American public health departments can not cope with the pandemic. It is reported by the Western press.

The incidence of coronavirus in the United States is growing rapidly. The situation got out of control. Many regional health departments in the States are not able to track the contacts of infected people.

“the City and district departments say they lack the money and personnel to promptly identify people who had contact with the infected,” reports the Guardian.

In the United States the most serious pandemic in the world. White house tries not to notice. Donald trump has formed a rosy picture in which he believes that the United States is able to control the pandemic. He even disgraced with inadequate response to a journalist’s question during an interview. Actions by the us authorities is more like attempt to clean up the oil spill with napkins.

“the oil Spill do not clean with paper towels,” he described the situation in the USA Professor of epidemiology, Harvard school of public health mark Lipsitz.