Almost nowhere is the Killer Corona is raging currently so fatal as in Spain. More than 3400 Deaths are in the meantime to complain. Nearly 47 million citizens must adhere to strict government requirements. What time is the social life back to normal, is open. This is also true for the game days of the best football League in the world, the Primera División.

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The FC Barcelona (“Barça is also negative

“Més que un Club” “) advertises with the Slogan “Més que un Club” – i.e., “More than just a normal football club”. Thanks to your tremendous Self-awareness, the club is turning the top of a really large wheel. For this, they spare no cost and afford mass expensive Top players like Andre ter Stegen, Sergio Busquets, Antoine Griezmann, and especially Lionel Messi. Perhaps the world’s best football player is supposed to earn per year to 50 million Euro net, such as the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ) rumors.

of Course, all of the Messi-millions of not alone the bosses of Barça pay. The player is in hot demand, and all advertising partners can dictate his prices. This will flush a lot of extra money on his accounts.

Messi and co. soon to be unemployed?

However, Barcelona for Messi’s basic salary and the bonuses. This applies also for all other high-profile players. This is one of the set screws for the club’s leadership. As long as the League pauses, she wants to urge the players to a massive waiver of Salary. At least in the basic salary. The Barça can, if it sends the player into unemployment. Otherwise it’s no longer at ease: The staff costs according to the “SZ” 61 per cent of all expenditure of the club.

Currently, the Association has a massive revenue problem. According to the “SZ” alone amount to the revenue of the club Museum at the Camp Nou stadium on 60 million Euro in the year. But this is also currently closed.

Therefore, Barça demands from his players a wage reduction from 70 per cent of the basic salary, for the duration of the League a break.

FC Barcelona can. the contracts expose

The Spanish rules for the relation of short-time working to distinguish money according to the “SZ” something from the Germans Barça can be lowered accordingly, due to “force majeure” working hours and contracts of employment to temporarily suspend.

Then the employees immediately get unemployment money. Because for employees “to a maximum of 6000 Euro” are to be removed, like the “SZ” writes, the monthly unemployment benefit for Single persons with a maximum of 981 euros. Lionel Messi came with his wife and three children on a monthly 1210 Euro. Its Extra fees he gets, of course, at the top. Rules for unemployment benefits in Germany claim

Who wants to get in Germany, unemployment benefit (ALG I), must satisfy three requirements:

  • to be unemployed.
  • in person at the employment Agency as unemployed.
  • have reported in the past two years, a minimum of twelve months in an insurance duty ratio (e.g., an insurable employment) stood (qualifying period)

level of support

The amount of unemployment benefit is usually determined according to the previously achieved level of contributory income from work. As the basis of the individual’s average contributory Gross earnings of the last year is used. From the year-gross pay prior to unemployment, the average daily gross is determined (annual gross salary divided by days are entitled to remuneration for work in the last year). This so-called daily rated fee will be reduced by lump sum deductions (e.g. social security or the payroll tax).

a job loser without a child, 60 percent, and with the child 67 percent.


Silke Maier, 36 years old, unemployed since 01.09.2019, tax class I, no child

annual gross pay in the last year: 25,000 Euro

Euro 25,000: 365 days a year = 68,49 EUR daily rated remuneration (gross)

Minus the lump sum deductions for wage tax (6,46€), the solidarity surcharge (EUR 0.35), social insurance flat rate (20% = 13,70 Euro) remains a performance fee of 47,98 Euro.

60 percent of which are 28,79 EUR on the day and 863,70 Euro in the month, as much as ALG I and Mrs. Maier receives.

How long will be paid-in ALG I?

That depends on at what age a person becomes unemployed and for how long, he was previously employed as a worker. You will have worked within a period of two years for twelve months subject to compulsory insurance, you will receive support for six months paid. If you were employed within the last five years is longer than twelve months, it can extend your entitlement to ALG I on for up to twelve months. Who is not yet 50 years old, benefits from the unemployment benefit to a maximum of a year

What II is ALG?

With the unemployment money II – better known as “Hartz IV” – to the unemployed, to lead a life that corresponds to the Dignity of the human person. The official term for the performance is “basic security for job seekers”. In Germany, there are approximately 5.6 million Hartz IV recipients.

These sets of rules apply since January 2020

a change to 2019 in brackets


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