Pandemic COVID-19: Which countries are helped and which behaved like selfish

However, in the Wake of SARS virus caused global panic reveals something more important- the true nature of the individual countries in a difficult for all, without exception time. And while the infection collects your sad harvest – around the world recorded more than 13 thousand caused by a coronavirus deaths – some States have shown an unhealthy egoism, while others offer a helping hand to those in need.

Not stale “Island of freedom”

the other day, “the real test for humanity, including in international Affairs” called the pandemic coronavirus official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. “This is a test of our ability to remain human in the most difficult moments. It is the ability and willingness not only each individual, but in General States to act responsibly and in solidarity in conditions of new global challenges that transcend national borders,” the Russian diplomat said.

a good illustration of these words seem, for example, the actions of Cuba, under us sanctions for more than half a century. It is the “Island of freedom” was the only man in all the Caribbean government who have agreed for humanitarian reasons to take the British cruise ship MS Braemar. On Board were 600 passengers, among whom were confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus.

Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images Hezbollah started the fight against coronavirus

that’s because, despite insistent requests, the ship refused to accept the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Barbados and Curacao. Apparently not happy he was and closest allies Britain, the United States. Despite the fact that the American state floridand is only 625 miles from Cuba, London somehow officially asked for help to Havana.

“March 13, we were approached by the British government with a request to issue a permit for entry into the Cuban port of the cruise ship MS Braemar travel company Fred Olsen, on Board of which cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19, – said the foreign Ministry of Cuba. – The current difficult times call for solidarity, to strengthen international cooperation in order to face together common challenges”.

And not stale for six months, the U.S. economic blockade to the distress of others, the Cubans backed up words with deeds: not only adopted the “infected” British ship, from which the region was shunned like the plague, but also helped in the operation for the delivery of British tourists home.

And then, Havana has made one significant step we sent aid to struggling desperately with the epidemic of the coronavirus Italy, where from the infection has already killed more than 5 thousand people from almost 60 thousand patients. As reported by the Cuban Ministry of health, at the request of Rome for help were sent a medical team of 52 professionals.

the Unselfish help of the

And what did the Western partners of Italy to support this Republic? Or, perhaps, some of them have provided valuable assistance to neighboring Greece, where last Saturday, from distant China delivered half a million masks and other 18 tons of humanitarian goods?

In fact, the unilateral actions of colleagues in the “United Europe” aroused the indignation of many Europeans, as “senior partners” in the EU has sharply restricted exports of critical medical devices and drugs, trying to prepare in advance a private health system to the flash COVID-19, according to Bloomberg.

But I will give the word by the Italians. So, the journalist of local TV channel Calabria Lino Polimeni posted on his page in Facebook emotional video demonstrating that the problem of Italy is not concerned with neither the EU nor the United States. According to the reporter, showing indifference, they actually left his country to fend for themselves, forgetting about her huge contribution to world culture, art and science.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/ RG airports will take the analysis at arriving from countries with coronavirus

“Thank you, dear macron, dear Madam Merkel! Thank you for leave us when we need help! Thank you, that did not give us the opportunity to buy ordinary masks and other medical supplies to fight the virus… you, Mr. trump, and you, Mr. Johnson, thank you, that isolated us instead of help,” commented the reaction of the inveterate “friends” of Italy in an 8-minute video, scored over the last few days nearly 2 million hits.

Lino Polimeni should know that in the same way a separate “evergrande” cost with other countries-EU members. Just as little Slovakia found in Ukraine supplier 2 million medical masks as a last point necessary for the Slovaks the goods bought by the buyer from Germany. About this angrily said Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini.

a Vaccine against selfishness

However, not better cost with Germany. While the taxpayers of Germany out of his own pocket paid for the development of the German pharmaceutical company CureVac AG vaccine coronavirus, Washington bluntly suggested that the management of the company, $ 1 billion for the technology transfer of this medication exclusive in the US, media reported.

Such a shameless behavior, “big brother”, not in the spirit of transatlantic solidarity, infuriated German politicians. So strong, in Berlin, said bluntly: “the us government operates very unfriendly” and promised to safely protect European “medical products and drugs.”

as to the USA, clearly demonstrates your own selfishness in relation to our closest partners, and in relation to his opponents in the international arena, the White house in a minute a total disaster, acted in its own exclusive way.

So, despite the fact that under the us sectoral sanctions Iran recorded the fourth largest number of deaths from the coronavirus, Washington not only eased restrictions against the Islamic Republic, but last week further tightened them. “A policy of maximum pressure on the regime will continue,” dry said in the United States.

This course, we will remind, has above all in the export of Tehran, undermining the possibility of use of the shortfall in income for the purchase of medicines and medical equipment to combat the rapidly spreading among Iranians COVID-19. For this the actions of the administration of Donald trump in Iran has called a “crime against humanity” and refused formally invited the USA to assist in the fight against the epidemic.

Photo: EPA-EFE/JUSTIN LANE In the USA the number of victims of coronavirus, has exceeded a thousand

better than cost, and refusing to live according to the American diktat Venezuela, where the number of people infected with coronavirus is also growing. The recent decision by Washington-controlled International monetary Fund to provide assistance to Caracas in the fight against COVID-19 (formally due to the fact that some member countries do not recognize the government of President Nicolas Maduro), recently criticized the Russian foreign Ministry. As stressed in the Russian foreign Ministry, “the people of Venezuela is no different from other peoples of the world and him also need help.”

Almost medical diagnosis so Nestorthe new policy of individual countries have recently put Maria Zakharova. The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry noted that today solidarity is replaced by the “national or ideological interests,” and some countries that claim to be “world hegemony, and exclusivity”, showing the real selfishness. “At the very moment when States claiming themselves as the world leaders, could this leadership be, to set a worthy example of economic support, a good example of how domestic space and external can resist the new challenge, somehow this chance they do not use”, concluded the Russian diplomat.

Indeed, individual countries, along with vaccination against coronavirus, it would not hurt to do an injection from unhealthy national egoism. As a preventive measure.


According to the University of Washington, Johns Hopkins, disease COVID-19 was exposed to people from more than 160 countries, infected more than 470 thousand people worldwide, more than 20 thousand were killed, more than 100 thousand recovered. First by number of deaths – Italy (it died more than 5.4 thousand people), followed by China, Spain, Iran and France.