Pandemic COVID-19: 526 006 infected, 23 dead 721

In Italy is still the most difficult situation in Europe. The growth rate of the infection for the first time in four days has increased again. Ill 6153 man, died 662.

In the world live with already half a million people and killed more than 22 thousand, informs TV channel “Russia 24”.

a Strong rise of the disease in the United States, where the coronavirus has infected more than 70 thousand, and the number of deaths has exceeded 1,000 people. In new York city 10 days ago was recorded a little more than 900 cases, now — more than 36 thousand.

In France over the observance of quarantine measures watched by tens of thousands police officers. Fans of Jogging is now impossible to move away from home for more than a kilometer. In Germany citizens are obliged to observe a distance of five feet when you walk. In Iran banned the interurban. There is a day recorded a new surge of infection with coronavirus COVID-19.