“In those days my first day off drank when (we) played, did whatever on the subject of voting on the stumps, benches, trunks. Each case was dismantled and see what it really is. There were no stumps,” – said Pamfilova on Saturday at the information center of the CEC on Saturday.

the head of the Commission explained that the authors of these messages do not understand, what is the procedure in this case takes place – at home or on the local area and give one thing for another.

In particular, speaking about the notorious “vote on a stump”, she explained that in this case, the PEC put the box on a tree stump during the voting at home in the countryside.

“Everything was interpreted in such a way to discredit this form of voting,” – said Pamfilova. She urged colleagues in the regions “not to expose, not to give rise not wishing to help and wishing to discredit”.

Also on Saturday, the information center of the CEC analyzed the signal from Tatarstan. Namely, the roller, the author of which claimed that the mobile unit was organized into the first bus in violation of the rules of voting and sanitary guidelines.

“That’s cheating juggling of information: here, they say, stopped the bus, he made a table, and immediately began to vote. It is clear that it is not bus, a bus specially equipped”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the Central electoral Commission Nikolay Bulaev.

the representative of the CEC of Tatarstan said in the video that the bus was filmed not at the place of voting, and in the fleet at the time of preparation of the cabin for departure.