The CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova said that the Russian electoral system is characterized by openness to new trends and the ability to be proactive.

Interactivity, efficiency, maximum transparency of the voting process, the ability to be proactive is, without false modesty, what distinguishes the electoral system of Russia from many, — said the Head of the Central election Commission during the dialogue with the participants of the forum “Territory meanings.”

Pamfilova, comparing electoral system of Russia with the other, said that she had gone far ahead. And the CEC of the Russian Federation monitors trends and “working in advance”, reports RIA Novosti.

Earlier Pamfilova has proposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to consider the possibility of holding elections in September 2020 for two or even three days. Initiative it reinforced the link that stretched for a few days like procedure citizens during the plebiscite on amendments to the Constitution. Answer from the President was not followed.

In the single voting day on 13 September of the current year in Russia will take place elective campaigns of various level, including the election of the heads of the 20 subjects, and also elections of deputies of legislative bodies of state power in 11 subjects, wrote