MOSCOW, 1 may – RIA Novosti. Palestine has asked Russia 100 of the ventilator, protective suits for doctors and 20 thousand tests for coronavirus, now the issue with the logistics of delivery of humanitarian aid, RIA news the Palestinian Ambassador to the Russian Abdelhafiz Nofal.

Earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti that more than a dozen countries in the Middle East and North Africa appealed to Russia with a request to assist in the fight against COVID-19. The requests came from Algeria, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Yemen, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Sudan and Tunisia.

“Prime Minister of Palestine sent a letter to (Prime Minister Mikhail) Mishustin with a request to assist in the fight against coronavirus. We asked about three things – 20 thousand tests, 100 of the ventilator, as well as 5 thousands of protective suits,” said the Ambassador.

the Palestinian diplomat said that “according to our information, the query is in progress”.

“You know, aid was supposed to be delivered by plane or through Israel or through Jordan. Now this issue in detail. We are waiting for information as and when cargo can be sent,” said the Ambassador.

Noval also said that the Imperial Orthodox Palestine society (IOPS) is preparing to send a humanitarian shipment of medical supplies for the intensive care units.

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