As we already informed (“the Mayor delayed the dunes” – “RG-Week” from 29.07.2020), during his visit to Anapa Kondratiev drew attention to the chaotic building the beaches and destroying dunes. The result was the resignation of mayor Yuri Polyakov. To work on our mistakes local officials (acting mayor appointed 39-summer Vyacheslav Vovk, who worked as a Deputy head of the city-resort) now to be under the control of civil society activists, bringing the adoption of drastic decisions about adjusting of town-planning norms.

Similar example Kuban did not know why it is so interesting Anapa experience.

From the past, Anapa in lush town with sand dunes on the beach – little left. Clad in concrete, the city loses its charm and skyscrapers began to grow right on the beach and among the dunes. On the shore, where until recently stood a huge dune, went heavy machinery, bale Golden sand, making way for luxury apartments. Under the onslaught of high-rise buildings began to shrink like shagreen, the area of parks and gardens. For this reason local residents have long been sounding the alarm about what “RG” wrote more than once. At the time, the efforts of activists, United in the movement “Anapa is our common home”, managed to save from filling the river Anapka, to defend from building square Avanesova, Boulevard Gudovich, a historical area near famous “Russian gate”.

a Recognized leader here was ataman of Anapa Nikolay Nesterenko. And everyone knew the name of his main opponent – Sergey Sirinova, the Deputy of legislative Assembly of the territory, the efforts of which shore began to be built skyscrapers. At his request, as it was then found by the court in February 2013 Nesterenko was assassinated. A Cossack had been wounded and his driver was killed. Deputy found guilty in the creation of organized crime groups, the organization of a series of serious crimes, and in the fall of 2016, was sentenced to 22 years in strict regime colony.

Nikolai Nesterenko in the process was the main witness for the prosecution, and the very next day after the verdict and he landed under the article. At the time, this is quite a strange thing we’ve dedicated a series of publications (“Business Sirinova freedom” – the “RG” on 26.10.2016, “Ataman to the slaughter” – “RG” from 15.12.2016, “Who took the knight?” – “RG” from 23.03.2017). Facts nobody denied, however, accusations with Nesterenko, who was charged with the assignment of 22 acres of agricultural land purchased the property from the municipality on the basis of a court decision that entered into force in 2014, and not removed by sending a Cossack to 6.5 years in colony.

He returned home, having received conditionally-an early release, the same day when she resigned the mayor of Anapa. A striking coincidence!

I Think the organizers of the persecution Nesterenko was to cool the ardor of the Cossacks in defending the development of protected areas, – the candidate ��biologicheskih Sciences Svetlana pan’kova. And this is to some extent managed to do that: active citizens have been taught an object lesson. After Nesterenko sent to the colony, intensified the chaotic construction and destruction of sand dunes. And the people began again to unite, to confront the vandals.

Particularly active in the fight against illegal construction beaches are public figures from the Association “Anapa civil”. A year ago they raised the alarm about the destruction of sand dunes, are under protection of UNESCO. It turned out, the plots began to give in rent under the previous mayor, and in his relief, based also on the decisions of the courts, were issued building permits – almost at the edge of the surf.

People began to write the Prosecutor’s office and the environmental court, says civil activist Oleg Janzen. – While officials tried to find an excuse. So, at the site of the Annunciation on the spit we were told that he supposedly is not included in the sanitary zone and is not part of the dune. And supposedly the owner had just cleared out the area suffered in the offseason of sand.

In the fight for the truth people used the app in social networks under the name “planet Earth”. It turned out that the dunes are marked on the map since the inception of the program, from the mid-2000s. Thus, it refuted the statement that the sand piled up in the offseason.

Then managed to stop the construction, but soon she continued. In the Governor’s address was sent to treatment. “There is large-scale destruction of the natural resources of the resort – the destruction of the dunes and of the Anapa spit, the allocation of land for development; degradation of sandy beaches due to the lack of recovery actions, – stated in it. – Even the simplest rules for the preservation of protective vegetative cover in the dunes and check the installation of sand shields are long forgotten. In the remaining from building the dunes are arranged trails for ATVs. On of the beaches of the Annunciation of the spit is open access free to drive vehicles along the beach… To date not approved the regulation on the resort of Federal significance and the draft County of mountain-sanitary protection. This contributes to the construction of the mayhem that unfolded in the city-resort of Anapa”.

And the alarm was heard: March 21 in regional administration has passed meeting with participation of the environmental community, dedicated to Anapa issues. However, the pandemic pushed for a few months planned exit of the Governor to the resort.

Together with the regional officials resort property inspected during the recent visit of the head of the Kuban and public figures, including representatives of the “Anapa civil”, as well as people with a lot of managerial experience – former mayor of Anapa In��thallium Astapenko, former Vice-mayor Anatoliy Glushchenko, Deputy of the city Council Faith sevryukova, former Director of the reserve “Big Utrish” Stanislav Yermolayev. Together they discussed the places that you should visit during a tour. Most problematic was the large-scale development of sand dunes Blagoveshchenskaya spit near the village of Vityazevo. It turned out that the territory reserved for the creation of natural Park “of the Anapa spit”, with construction of the resort complex and right on the dunes. The participants of the tour saw the concrete slab, foundations and skeletons of future skyscrapers. Among the sand, near the sea.

– Now you will need to do this. And we’re tearing down. Again, we’re tearing down. Different colleagues can not be. Or have power in Anapa and in the region, or it is not. For me, this is fundamentally important – said Kondratiev. And the dunes will return home for its historical place, the sand will return, I’m sure. Because the new dunes are to create and build at any price! Why do we do it? Why these concrete monoliths? Express and residents of Anapa, and residents throughout the country who come here nature created a dune.

In the ensuing meeting, the officials reviewed the violations, and public men told about the destruction of Anapa as the main children’s resort in the country.

– the resignation of the mayor and the creation of “emergency Commission” with broad participation are only the first steps towards solving the many problems of Anapa, – said the ecologist Andrei Rudomakha. – We know that this path will not be easy because you will have to face the opposition of developers and related officials. But thanks to the active position of the head of the Kuban, I think there’s a chance to save what is left of the famous black sea resort, and to correct the situation.

Register problem objects in the resort amounted to the Commission for verification of compliance with planning legislation. It was headed by Vice-Governor Vasily Shvets. At this point, the registry has made 120 facilities in the coastal zone from Utrera the Annunciation, where there may be violations of town-planning and land legislation.

recently the Deputy head of the region briefed the Governor about the first results of the validation.

“Identified 112 of capital construction objects with signs of infringement of planning legislation. They can be divided into three groups: objects that are built or decorated by the decision of the court; the objects for which the administration of the city issued permits with violations, and the objects which, in principle, there is no documentation – that is, the unauthorized construction”, – said Shvets.

it is noted that the local administration did not take an active role in the fight against illegal construction. Almost 60 percent of the decisions of the courts about compulsion to issue a building permit was not appealed by the municipality.

In the coming days, a complete register of buildings and facilities with identified violations will be presented to the Governor of Kuban.