the Agency of safety of the European Union said on Tuesday that the Pakistani national airline “International airlines of Pakistan” (PIA) will not be allowed to fly to Europe for at least six months.

It comes after the Minister of aviation said that nearly a third of Pakistani pilots received their flying licenses by fraudulent means. The airline representative Abdullah Hafiz said that PIA does not fly to Europe because of the pandemic. The carrier is hoping to resume its flights to Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona and Milan during the next two months.

the accident Investigation may 22 with the Airbus A320 (PIA), which killed 97 people in the southern port city of Karachi, led the members of the Commission to the staggering conclusion that 260 of 860 pilots in Pakistan, fraudulently obtained a license from the civil aviation authority. Authorities fired five officials of this governing body, and currently in their relation criminal cases. PIA has fired 150 pilots for fraud.

Hafiz told the Associated Press on Tuesday that PIA had warned the civil aviation authority, Pakistan regulatory authority about their concerns about some licenses. In 2019 PIA fired 17 pilots because of concerns about their licenses after one of the company’s aircraft from the pilots went beyond the runway in Northern Pakistan. According to Hafiz, Pakistan’s national airline will be difficult to regain reputation, despite the fact that over ten years ago, PIA was considered one of the best airlines in Asia.