Wielsbeke is A couple of Ooigem have been trying for almost a month to get out of Iran. Hamidreza Moghimi Asl, and his wife, Mary Panbehi went at the end of January, according to their country of origin. At the beginning of march, they would return home. “But for every flight they book, it will sooner or later be annulled by the coronacrisis say to their sons, who are at home to hold them off.

for an operation which he had undergone, and went Hamidreza Moghimi Asl, (69), along with his 22-year-younger wife, Mary Panbehi two months ago to go to Iran. “They have had the opportunity to spend quality time with their family in the country,” said Farbod Moghimi Asl, (21), and the oldest son. The return was due on the 3rd of march. That seemed to work, even if it was there at the time in Iran is already a lot of turmoil around the corona virus. A few days before they were to fly back, they were all, however, the message that the flight was cancelled.”

With the help of the son Farbod, the couple, in the meantime, all the tickets for a different flight. “But time and time again, and turned to that to cancel out,” says Farbod. “The last of the tickets they bought were for a flight on the 1st of april. But that has now been removed.” The couple will reside in the meantime is forced by the family. They have a limited freedom of movement, a bit like in Belgium now,” says Farbod. “That makes it somewhat enjoyable. Two to three times a week, we are in contact with each other via WhatsApp. But, most of all, they would, of course, as soon as possible, once again set foot on Belgian soil again.”