Marc bacon (42) has a Vision: “Our Ring is the most important Tool in the office of the future,” believes the CEO of the Start-ups Padrone from the train. Because in a few years, we no longer have to sit in front of screens, but rather to have Augmented Reality glasses.

to be able to on virtual Screens to navigate, to use their own hands, to be measured by Sensors, precisely – down to the smallest finger movement. “A digital Ring is ideal for this, and wearing it over a long time,” says the Swiss businessman.

The first step on the way to the future Padrone’s since Monday. Then, a Crowdfunding for the first Ring, launched on Indiegogo. For 199 CHF, you can pre-order it.

In principle, the financing by the User is in this case a kind of pre-sale. Because the Ring is already practically finished, the world’s largest Tech trade show CES in Las Vegas in January, he will be shown for the first Time to the Public. A VIEW could look at him already.

, The index finger replaces the mouse

The Padrone Ring in the first Version is a replacement for the mouse. The eight-grams of lightweight, molded plastic Ring on the pointer finger. With this you now all the mouse gestures. You run your fingers on the table, up and down, tapped or can make with your thumb and forefinger in a pincer grip to grab an object.

The Computer or the Laptop won’t notice that there’s a Ring with a camera and Sensors to record these Gestures. For Windows or MacOS that is simply a Bluetooth mouse. Say: you have to install any special Software and can connect to the Ring just as fast as a conventional control device.

for the First time, Switzerland is represented at the world’s largest Tech trade show CES with its own exhibition area. The appearance is to position Switzerland as a leading innovation and technology location attractive to international investors and foreign companies. The Swiss Pavilion, presence Switzerland and Switzerland Global Enterprise, is organised with the support of the partner organisations Innosuisse, digital Switzerland, Swissnex, as well as regional promotions. Around 50 companies, most of them from the Start-up scene, will be in the Swiss Pavilion in the Eureka Park in Las Vegas present. In this area the Consumer Electronics Show the innovations of tomorrow.

The Ring was not in fact developed only in Switzerland, but is also manufactured here. The battery lasts a working day. After the successful Crowdfunding of the first Padrone Gadgets next summer are to be sent. Each buyer receives, incidentally, a Ring Sizing Kit, he can select the appropriate Size for the personal Ring.

About four years, the Swiss Start-up on the Gadget

“We are not only developers, but also a jewellery designer,” says Marc bacon. So there are already to Start multiple personalized versions. In the future, all collections are possible.
Difficult, however, was not the optics, but that the Ring captures everything really precisely. It took thousands of hours in the training center, where the data of the ring were matched with records from the outside. Thanks to neural networks and Machine Learning, so the accuracy could be continuously increased.

“For 2014, we are working on it. We had luckily a long breath, and never gave up,” says bacon, who has founded together with two colleagues, Padrone. Funded the Start-up, yet private. Bacon had already been launched before a successful Start-up in the area of Cloud Services.

The now available Ring should be only the beginning. In addition to more Design, the collection is intended to enable the Finger in the future, a virtual Keyboard, for example on the Smartphone faster typing. And in the longer term, the Ring should be an integral part in any AR-office.