“bike rides of 50 miles and can do no more.” If it is the plan of the minister of the Interior, by Pieter De Crem (CD&V). today it has been ratified by the un Security council, the Belgian wielerprofs now have to work out of their church. “They’re going to us that valve still not lessen? This is a strange proposal,” said Greg Van Avermaet.

the Secretary of the Interior, by Pieter De Crem, this does not rule out that today’s National Security council, and a radius is defined within which the things should be done. That’s what he said in response to the request of the local police department for an urgent clear-cut rules about how much and for how long, it still should be cycled, walked or ran.

That would be bad news for the wielerprofs every day, at the very least, have about 100 miles of training. “I don’t understand: we have, for example, with three laps of a 30 km, instead of the one from the 90’s?”, according to Greg Van Avermaet. “It makes no difference? But there is one of the people said that they need to exercise? As long as the rules are respected, is this not dangerous? I feel a lot less comfortable if I have errands to do. I’ll do what the amateurs on the course, but all the rules have to be adhered to. I’m often alone, sometimes with His Skills. Our trainingsgroepje De Parelvissers is equally divided, so everyone always has the same size on the go out on the town.”


you are Already aware of the riders are aware that they are in a luxepositie to sit in front of their colleagues in Italy, Spain and France. “On the social media, I’ll get some of the toxic reactions from the rest of the world, I have my training ride on Strava post, tells the story of Oliver Naesen. “I don’t understand is that the people in these countries are frustrated, but it is also evident that we are not the way to go. Not only wielerprofs but also for other people to have an outlet is required. If it is safe, there is no problem. Now, if it turns out that our trips may create you to plan a route, and I do it a couple of times, one after the other. But let’s not panic.”

Perhaps, however, an exception has been made for pro riders, or squeeze, the police turned a blind eye to Remco Evenepoel, and co.? “With a limit of up to 50 miles? I don’t know if I will follow,” said the century of the Deceuninck – Quick-Step. “Well, I will have two laps to get there, right? Such a measure is likely to be very good, but it is not for the profwielrenners. I hope they can for us to make rules. We are the world, we are móéten cycle. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of people go to the same place to go for a walk. For example, the action is a little bit of water. I have nothing to say about it, but I do hope that the countries and athletes ‘ consent, to continue to reach out to. It would be one of the dumbest rules in order to do these things. All of the studies point out that it is not a danger to be ill.”

More about Oliver Naesen, but the spring rolls? Cyclists ride en masse on the Zwift, but a virtual, Tour of Flanders, it is not right, Oliver Naesen left before dawn for the trainingstocht of no less than 365 km): “once in a while to try something stupid to do,” Not everyone is ready to jump to the deferred as well as (in the autumn is to drive: “It just makes the preparation for 2021 in a compromise Oliver Naesen to get out of Paris-Nice with stomach problems, Van Garderen gives it on to the plane to retrieve it