‘Beware of the blood pressure, the P1 listeners,’ writes the editor and host on the P1 Morning Maria Dohm on his Twitter profile.

the Channel plan namely to play music at 8.45 on Friday morning, and it will maybe – maybe not – arouse anger in anyone.

In last week was certainly addressed a major criticism against the DR, as in the aftermath of the coronaudbruddet had beaten the P1 and P4 together to save on employees.

But the amalgamation did not fall in good soil, for now having fixed the P1 listeners suddenly hear Rasmus Seebach and other pop music from the P4 in the middle of their nyhedsoverblik.

DR listened to the frustration, and the radio channels P1 and P4 went again for her.

But now face the music then back to P1 on Friday morning – and with good reason.

Maria Dohn explains:

‘If you do not want to hear the music, turn off the radio at 8.45, where we are like 80 other european radio stations as a tribute to all the hard working in the healthcare system play ‘You’ll never walk alone’.’

the Song comes from Rodgers and Hammersteins musical ‘Carousel’ and are often put in the context of the football team, Liverpool FC.

the Club took the song to himself as Gerry and the pacemakers hit with it in 1963.

the Band’s version lasts just under three minutes, so, it is not long, the P1 listeners, who don’t like the music, keep out.

Subsequently, the direct should receive additional emergency funding to be all the way back to at 18 o’clock.