The British rock singer Ozzy Osbourne (70) wants to use the US President Donald Trump (73), under say, his songs during the election campaign. “Ozzy’s music may not be used under any circumstances without permission,” wrote Osbourne’s wife and Manager, Sharon (66) on Friday on Instagram. Trump had previously used the Song “Crazy Train” from the year 1980 for a Twitter Clip, in which he made about technical problems of a television debate, the Democrats funny.

Sharon Osbourne has wrote some advice for Donald Trump

Osbourne, you have “a piece of advice to Mister Trump”: that He could use music from artists who had assured him in the past, public support, such as Rapper Kanye West (42), and the singer Kid Rock (48).

musicians complain that politicians use their Songs without permission for election campaign appearances. For example, the Rolling Stones, Elton John (72) and Adele (31) have criticised the US President for it. (SDA)