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– It is important to make things as easy as possible for the health professionals in the time we are in now, ” says Jan Arne Moen, head of department for bilambulansen in East-Finnmark.

the Solution was their own “korona-ambulances”.

the Cars are basically reserveambulanser for Finnmarkssykehuset, but has now been scheduled to just take care of korona-patients.

head of the Department for bilambulansen in East-Finnmark, Jan-Arne Moen.

Photo: Frida Ravna Rømo / NRK

that they shall be easy to clean, are the cars almost empty of equipment.

– If we used the usual cars we had plastret the load before transport. These cars can run out to the patient with a time, ” says Moen.

To be used as transportbiler

the Cars will be used to retrieve the patients when the hospital get the message about the detected infection of the koronaviruset covid-19.

But some exceptions are there.

We have primarily equipment to ensure the smitterisikoen in these cars. Why are they used as transportbiler of stable patients. If patients have difficulty breathing and acute bad we have to use a regular ambulansebil, ” says Geir Ingebrigtsen.

He works as ambulansearbeider at the hospital in Kirkenes in Eastern Finnmark, where there have been few proven cases of koronaviruset.

They own korona-ambulansene has only the most necessary of equipment – for that they should be easier to clean after use.

Photo: Frida Ravna Rømo / NRK

Thursday night was the number of koronasmittede in the county of Finnmark in the top 14 people. 3.156 people in Norway are reported infected.

In the Churches, they have only got use of the car on one occasion.

– But it is important that we not lowering the level of the reason. We have to think that all could potentially be infected and be extra wary, emphasizes Spoken.

New situation

He is used to handle different transmission in it daily, but does not hide the fact that the koronapandemien is a new and special situation, also for health professionals.

– People should at least be assured that we do all the necessary measures and that we do as well as we can. We are trying to teach us here as we go. It is very much new, but I think we handle it well.

Cars can also be used to run the patients who have been treated for the virus back home again.

Korona-ambulansene is basically reserveambulanser. The ordinary ambulansebilene is thus available to take other assignments.

Photo: Frida Ravna Rømo / NRK

Previous week had Finnmarkssykehuset korona-ambulances stationed in Hammerfest, Alta, Finnmark, Øksfjord, Hasvik, Måsøy, Berlevåg, Båtsfjord, Vadsø, Tana and Kirkenes.

This week, there are also cars to smittetransport in Karasjok, norway and Honningsvåg. Kautokeino is also assessed, according to the head of communications in the Finnmarkssykehuset, Eirik Palm.

– This will reduce the smittefare both to other patients and personnel. So save time and have a contingency plan which ensures that we can respond to both purposes (acutely ill and stable patients, red.anm.) in a shorter time, ” he says.

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