The, who died in 2007, Piatti is one of the internationally most well-known Swiss graphic designers. Alone for the dtv publishing house, he created envelopes from 1961 to around 6300 book; the originals of which belong to the collection of the Swiss national Museum. Before his 100. Birthday 2022 to present family and friends a large body of work in Basel.

A specially established Association has curated in an old town property in the Petershof at the Peter Graben 19, a Pop-up exhibition that documented the entire width of the work. His daughter Barbara Piatti speaks of a “Best-of” from a myriad of graphic sheets, posters, Originals, sculptures, et cetera from Studio and Store.

The Show, which opens on Saturday evening, and only until 18. May is open, brings back memories of iconic images of Everyday life from the 1960s to 1990s. A graphical time travel peppered with anecdotes: According to Barbara Piatti, he had bought around for the first moon landing, specifically, a television device, and impressions directly on lithographic plates drawn.

political posters he designed in addition to orders from Conviction, spontaneously of 1968 after the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, including an original signature of the collection to the attention of the Embassy. The first signature arc coloured Piatti full of rage by Hand.

Far less known, however, is – in spite of over fifty individual creativity Celestino Piattis exhibitions as an artist. About sketch witnesses, sculptures, books, purely geometrical Work or individual animal, from cats and owls. Owl images have been signs over the years for the brand.

The exhibition provides, for the first time and unique insights into the artistic estate. She’s not charming – for him to be inappropriate and in run-down areas – a commercial side: The entire net proceeds will be used for an anniversary publication in printed and digital Form, which should be available by 2022.

Therefore, the exhibits are for sale: Lithos, for example, several blades are usually original as sketches or in Oil with prices from 80 up to 20’000 Swiss francs, far below the Museum approaches. According to Barbara Piatti and her father has differences, never sharp between art and everyday life design; it was a “running line”.

the closing night Film is the world premiere, of which only a copy exists: It shows Piatti at the owl Painting to the music of Jacques Wildberger. The Basel composer was the same age as he is.,