A Texas elementary school shooting killed 23 people, including 19 children and two teachers. The attacker was shot dead by the police. An overview of what we know and don’t know.

what we know

Surf tip: Massacre in Texas – 15 minutes before the crime, a girl from Frankfurt who ran amok revealed his plan

What we don’t know

US Senator Chris Murphy reacted with horror to the massacre at an elementary school in the state of Texas and addressed moving words to his Senate colleagues.

The 18-year-old Texas perpetrator wrote a complete stranger on Instagram before his massacre at an elementary school. The girl made the news public herself – and wonders if she could have done more.

It took an hour for police to subdue the shooter involved in the shooting at a Texas elementary school. The police are now being massively criticized for their actions. Accordingly, most of the students were killed at the beginning. Only then did the US officials attempt to negotiate with the perpetrator.

Salvador Ramos shot dead 19 students and two teachers in a Texas elementary school. There could probably have been many more victims, but one teacher saved herself and her students thanks to a trick: the active shooter drill.