A line of credit of $ 3.7 billion from Spanish banks to help the clubs in coronakrisen.

Matches without spectators and now suspended leagues as a result of coronavirusset have sent all sorts of clubs in the knees financially.

Now there is help on the way to the Spanish clubs in the country’s two best rows.

Thus, the Spanish Football federation (RFEF) has launched a rescue plan with the help from a number of Spanish banks.

the Banks have created the possibility for a line of credit of 500 million euros, equal to 3,73 billion, as the clubs in the top ranks can draw on, writes ESPN.

– We want to give a helping hand to professional football, says the federation’s president, Luis Rubiales.

– We have spoken with several banks and are able to offer a line of credit of 500 million euros to the clubs in the top two rows, which is in difficulties. The money can be repaid over four, five or six years, he adds.

the Primera Division has been on hold since 10. march and is now suspended indefinitely.