The emergence of a new bipolarity — one of the most dangerous trends of our time. Special threat it poses to Russia as part of the dual system the country will be in a more vulnerable position. This was at the “Primako readings,” said the head of the Center for international security, IMEMO ran Alexei Arbatov.

He noted that in “bipolar” world’s poles will be China and the United States. Russia is in a similar situation will not be able to properly control the geopolitical situation and can be dragged into the war. Arbatov noted that Russia and China now have a good relationship, however, between countries need to keep my distance. And Russia, according to experts, should become a new independent center of power.

Also, the readings on the emergence of a new bipolarity was supported by the President of IMEMO RAS Alexander Dynkin. He noted that the U.S. tries to avoid it. United States, according to Dynkin, out of the world’s largest accords, trying to return the world to unipolarity. China, in turn, wants to return, as evidenced by the development of trade relations between the two countries.

“Bipolar” world order Russia is unprofitable, definitely take one of the parties is impossible, — quotes Dynkin “Interfax”.

As previously reported Professor, Department of political science the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Jonathan Freeman spoke about the changes in international relations due to the coronavirus. According to him, relations between Russia and the United States can improve on the background of the investigation on the origin COVID-19.