This observation you may have made already In December, the thoughts during the working time gets away from like to more often the direction of gifts, mulled wine, Christmas market, biscuits and decoration.

In the last job before Christmas, about half of the work days, probably people are already in a relaxed Christmas mode. Since the productivity decreases at work, of course.

This is confirmed by the survey of Peakon, which specializes in employee surveys. The study has been implemented by Google Consumer Surveys.

Christmas is distracting

For the study, has interviewed Peakon more than 15’000 employees between 18 and 64 years in the USA, the UK, Scandinavia and Germany, according to their Motivation during the run-up to Christmas.

For seven to ten percent of the respondents starts Christmas on 1. December – many of them confirmed that they, during the whole of December less productive as otherwise. In mid-December has 30 to 40 percent of the staff already from the Christmas anticipation, plug in, that you have no desire to work.

Every second German plans during working hours, the holidays. Social networks are frequently used, and the chat breaks. When the time is up to Christmas is always scarce, a buy 15 percent of Germans during working hours, Christmas gifts, be it online or analog. Because the atmosphere is relaxed, no longer hold eleven percent of the working hours. Also with the alcohol during working hours, take it easy. Prior to the celebration evening, the respondents had often been at the mulled wine at the Christmas market.

It’s Christmas when the “Millennials”

In the 18-to 24-Year-old Christmas it’s been a week prior to the other age groups. The youngest demographic will latch in the cut at 18. December. Half of the 45-64-Year-old is capable of up to 21. To stay in December for the work to be motivated. This Trend was observed in all the countries studied, but particularly in the United States and in the Nordic countries.

Peakon said that they want to make with this study is the Generation of “Millennials” is neither bad, nor the stereo types you want to reinforce. Accordingly, this notching is a natural reaction to the seasonal requirements, which will inevitably have regional and demographic differences.

Festive feelings with economic consequences

The relaxing December could cost, according to the Peakon of the economy several billion. Supervisors will be available during this time, under pressure, to the requirements of the work, as well as the festive Season of the year, while employees look forward to the upcoming holiday.

“The worst thing you can do as a CEO, is to close our eyes to the fact; It pays to have an understanding of before you take ill-considered measures,” advises Peakon Director of Employee Experience Michael Dean, the Manager. Although the Trend, especially for the Management can be frustrating, recommends to Dean, that one recognises the Situation and takes account of the.

Christmas time = team time

The Numbers speak for themselves – the work ethic drops before and after the holidays clear, says Dean. In his opinion, companies would too little. Instead of pressure, he recommends, to make the everyday work differently.

the Director of Employee Experience suggests that you take the time to have the cooperation of the Teams strengths and for the next year to inspire: “you could give the Teams time to reflect on the past year. Maybe the new ideas which you could implement in 2019.” Also, you could pick up projects, which you could not finish in the past few years. New Inspiration and variety, as well as the reallocation of time and resources could motivate employees before the holidays.

Even in the hours, you should come to the staff: Flexible working hours and longer breaks would be appreciated during this time especially. Thus, it could also prevent employees shopping during work hours online what would you do otherwise anyway, even if secretly, says Dean.

In the hustle and bustle before Christmas is a great risk, even what to capture. With reason, it can greatly minimize.