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Norwegian institute of public health (FHI) will mean that people who suspect they may be infected with the koronavirus shall register in a form on the web. Sunday at 18, the same day that they opened the service they had received 24.000 messages about possible virus symptoms.

the Service will help to identify how many may be infected by the virus in Norway.

Gun Peggy Knudsen, senior vice president for health and digitization in the FHI, says to NRK that this is data they have not previously had available.

Gun Peggy Knudsen at the Norwegian institute of public health say they now collect data they may not have had before about the symptoms in the population.

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– We see that we need information about symptoms of respiratory illness to be able to say something about the change in the scope of symptoms in the population over time.

Will find the range of symptoms

In the form are asked to fill out questions about symptoms, what form you are in, if you have underlying disease, if one has been in contact with the doctor and whether you have been tested for koronavirus.

To see the parts of the form out. You are asked what symptoms they had and when the symptoms arose.

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the Way the FHI has chosen to do this by encouraging anyone with symptoms to register, will provide data that can act as a kind of barometer, not a percentage as you can get by asking a variety in the population.

– We don’t know how many have symptoms that do not sign it. Here we are not looking for a share in the population, but we will have continuous recruitment of new symptoms to find out the extent of respiratory symptoms in the population over time, ” says Knudsen.

These data will be used in addition to the data FHI already has available – laboratory tests and suspicions of contagion as primary care physicians as the diagnosis.

Not only korona

Although 24.000 have reported symptoms on one day, it does not mean that we have several thousand koronasmittede in the country. It is important to distinguish between the symptoms of respiratory illness and korona, emphasizes Knudsen.

We believe absolutely that there are very many who have the common flu, cold, allergy, or other things, which can give similar symptoms. We have tested many with respiratory infections the last time, and see that less than 5 per cent of these have been shown covid-19.

as of now is roughly 2100 people confirmed koronasmittet in Norway, but it is the big unknown. 169 infected are hospitalized.

FHI is clear that this is not health care. You get no feedback on it to sign into. One needs health care, one should follow the other advice about to consult the doctor.

Patients are tested first

Sunday came FHI with a priority order for who should be tested for covid-19. The order says that the need for inpatient and residents in healthcare facilities should be prioritized over the health care provider.

To see the priority order:

Patients with a need for hospitalization. Patients/residents in health care facilities. Employees in the health service with pasientnært work. People over 65 years who have underlying chronic disease. Person who has been in close contact with a confirmed case of covid-19. More about koronaviruset OversiktSiste nyttSpørsmålNyhetsbrev