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According to the website Worldometer, which counts the number of deaths of covid-19 in the world, is the number of the dead 100.474 on Friday at 19.30.

Also the website of the american hospital Johns Hopkins has recorded over 100,000 dead.

the Number one hundred thousand is reached 101 days after the chinese government announced that they had discovered the “pneumonia of an unknown origin”.

Nevertheless, it is unclear how many people in total have lost their lives. The French institute for demographic studies (INED) said according to AFP that koronakrisen is a “statistics challenge”.

Count different in different countries

the Reason for the opacity of the figures is that the land register koronadøde in different ways.

All countries count with the infected who have died in the hospital, but when it comes to those who have died in nursing homes, nursing home, or in their own homes, there is a great variety.

Spain and South Korea counts with all the dead who have tested positive for the virus, regardless of whether they have died in hospitals or other places. Iran counts only those who have died in the hospital. Up until recently, did not France with those who had died in a nursing home. It has been shown to be a large proportion – around a third of the total number. In the united STATES varies counting rule from state to state. While New York counts with deaths at the nursing home, does California not the. Also Italy, which has the highest dødstallet with over 18,000 registered, counted only dead on some of the greatest defer. Many are not registered as infected

There is also great variation in what the covid-19 is registered as cause of death.

For example, register one in Spain only those who is tested and registered as infected while they were alive.

because of a lack of test equipment, not persons tested after they are dead. Thus is not a person who probably is dead because of covid-19, not registered with the cause of death as long as it is not done a test.

in Total, there are registered 15.970 in Spain who died of the virus. The Spanish justisvesenet, which also records the deaths, counting also with the likely koronadødsfall.

It has led to that in the region of Castilla La Mancha is casts figures for koronadøde three times as high as the number from the health authorities.

Also statistical reviews of the number of deaths compared with previous years, suggests that it is the big unknown.

the same is The case for many countries. In Italian Bergamo, it was in the first half of march 108 more died than in the same period of last year. There was an increase of 193 per cent. However, only 31 of the deaths registered as koronadøde.

In addition, that there is doubt about whether some countries are lying about the number of dead.

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On the official statistics, Italy is the country that is hardest hit with 18.849 died.

Then follow the united STATES (17.995), Spain (15.970) and France (12.210).

China, where koronaviruset was first known, has 3336 died.

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