State of New York crossing the border at the 1000 deaths under one month after the first smittetilfælde.

More than 1000 people have died as a result of coronavirusset in the u.s. state of New York.

The united states, with nearly 20 million people crossing the border, less than a month after the first person was registered as infected in New York, writes the news agency AP.

Of the 1000 dead are 776 registered in the megapolis of New York City.

The first smittetilfælde of coronavirus was discovered in the land of 1. march. It was about a sundhedsmedhjælper, who had come home from Iran.

Two days later, registered the state’s second case.

10. march closed the state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, for several schools and religious places in the area New Rochelle. The same day died the first person in nabodelstaten New Jersey.

12. march was all assemblies of more than 500 persons made public, thus closed down for sporting events and the renowned Broadway theatres.

Three days later, all the schools in New York City closed, and 20. march was all in the land ordered to be at home.

At that time – for only nine days ago – there were “only” 35 dead.

According to a statement from the Johns Hopkins University is 2479 died in the entire UNITED states.

Over 142,000 digital is registered as infected, which is the highest of all countries. Around 2600 is declared healthy.

on Sunday, said New York City’s branddirektør, Daniel Nigro, to the city have never experienced so many phone calls to the emergency services. The number surpassed even the attack on the World Trade Center on 9. september 2001.

Ambulances running out to over 6000 calls about the reviews about the day, says Daniel Nigro.

At a news conference on the night of Monday Danish time said the president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, that the government extends the guidelines regarding the distancing between persons to 30. april.

Thus, he goes away from his previously stated goal to reopen parts of the UNITED states before easter.

Donald Trump also said that the government expects that the number of daily infected individuals will peak about two weeks.