For a Dinner in London Miley Cyrus (26) put on a purple Vintage vest with a Golden dragon ornament and a massive chain Mix. With your thrown together Look, the singer splits our fashion jury.

Where should I start? The Look looks like the failed debutantes-Experiment of a fashion blogger for a theme party with the theme “grandma’s clothes box”. With the sunglasses, the chains, the bracelets, the bag is much too much happening there. The individual elements alone – except for the terrible Gilet – you can better himself, and the Look of A style, type, and not a hundred. Miley looks dressed up, as if she had just everything that attracted to just to home circulating,.

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Wow, this is about Aladdin the magic lamp? Ah no, Miley on the wrecking ball (“Wrecking Ball”)! False alarm, the musician leaves the degree of a trendy Restaurant in the Aladdin Look. But I have to admit, the Look you get is quite good. I think the vest is refreshing and the sunglasses are well combined. The hair in the “Undone Look” and almost no Make-up. Personable just. About the a bit too large, distressed flared jeans, looks as if she had borrowed the suit pants of your father, you can argue, but it is not bad to the entire Outfit. The only point of criticism: The bag that works for me as out of place …

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Aladin-vest-meets – ‘ 70s-Porn-glasses – a daring combination that has chosen Miley as. But how is the new Album of the scandal noodle, reveals: “She Is Coming”! And like Miley, therefore, never quietly, but always with a loud Bang. Also with your Look in London, is striking, albeit this Time with less spectacular recordings, such as when they are stretched naked on a “Wrecking Ball”. This Time it felt Disney-like Feeling combined with Dirty Vibes. With the with dragon ornate Vintage vest from Yves Saint Laurent, she shows Flair for Retro parts. Nice! Only the monstrous chains collection around your neck would not have to be.

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