spaced out! A jacket as a dress to wear? Yes, the Bar can absolutely! I love your All-Over Metallic Look. Looking sexy and chic at the same time. What particularly strikes the eye is the perforated Details on the Sleeves, the super harmonize with the belt stands out:. Very casual I think also the cut of the collar. And, above all, the supermodel has understood that Make-up is completely overrated. Because Bar is a down-to-earth Look, highlights your Outfit even more and makes it naughty and interesting. I’m a Fan, love the Bar!

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“Bar shines bright like a star.” It takes courage for this Outfit. And I love it when a Star like a Star aufbrezelt. Bar 5 points get as you receive the metal sheath dress continues her endless long legs in a scene! To show So much leg, you could look with a different Look-namely, very fast, and very cheap. And also with the Make-up and the accent on the lip Bar makes everything right. In the case of Metallic substances, too much Make-up looks very fast, and very fasnachtig. This Nude Make-up is to me, however, to be naked a little bit, and therefore, there is a tiny deduction for the otherwise simply-perfect Look.

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Has taken a Bar about “The wizard of Oz” for Inspiration? Her silver coat dress, the Model makes the tin man from the fantasy story competition. If as a sexiere Version that shines in your a cool Metallic Look in contrast to the gloomy winter weather. The coat is a little short. Because of the neck but not too deep and the Sleeves are long enough, can you wear this Outfit definitely. The belt is the part of the Form and gives the whole Look a more casual Touch. I would have liked the Bar more time in your Make-up and hair invested. So there’s a small point deduction for the otherwise shiny Look.

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