In interview to the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin,” which appeared Sunday on the TV channel “Russia 1”, the head of state described the style of Russian foreign policy. “We have a very good expression – lays gently but firmly puts to bed, here it is, I think, quite our style,” said the President.

He was confident that the standoff in the international economic arena will continue . “This is due to the reluctance of some countries to accept that appear or have appeared effective global competitors,” – said the Russian leader.

a Variety of option limitation, “whether tariff restrictions, financial constraints, technological limitations or just stupid sanctions” will continue to deter the development of potential competitors for those countries who consider themselves to be world leaders and want this quality to persist. “It will affect us, but I’m sure not dramatically. Why? Because we have a huge potential internal growth. And I hope we will solve this problem”, – said Vladimir Putin.

however, he stressed that “every country has the right to choose their own path of development,” no one can impose a uniform, beneficial to those or other players of the stereotypes of development.

the Head of state is confident that even in the most acute situations to behave correctly towards partners. “I do not believe that protecting their interests, we must look like some idiots, crazy, which got into the hands of the razor, they run to her and waving and even reviled all indigestible different expressions,” said he.

during the interview, Vladimir Putin answered the questions about which started in the U.S. presidential campaign and a new surge in anti-Russian rhetoric. “It does not depend on us, it depends on their political situation”, – said the President. “And what is happening there – the world’s largest economy, the largest nuclear military power, is, of course, unfortunate because it affects the entire system of international relations,” he added. This situation “certainly has a negative impact on Russian-American relations”, believes the head of state.

Speaking about Ukraine, Vladimir Putin said that the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Kiev “Crimea, in principle, not connected”. He recalled that at the turn of 2013 and 2014 in a neighboring country first, there was a coup and seize power. “And from that moment our views and ways with the leadership of Ukraine were diametrically opposed, and we parted. But only after that Crimea returned to Russia, and not Vice versa,” – said Vladimir Putin. He is confident that “this foam eventually subsides”.

Author Pavel Zarubin asked the head of the stateto be and the style of his work within the country. Specifically personal involvement in solving the problems of people caught in a difficult situation, for example, due to natural disasters. The journalist recalled how Putin personally traveled to podtopleny Tulun, to take the necessary decisions.

“If people get into such a difficult situation, need, obviously, the support of the state, so you need to do this, the more that people are hoping for help as last resort, if it fails to meet with the head of the state”, – said Vladimir Putin.

“the President must be able to work with big data with big numbers, should be able to take crucial decisions in the life of the state in various areas. But no less important work with every individual,” he said.

the President also said that he is not afraid of sharp criticism, moreover, believes “it is your duty to listen to what is declared, or what is proposed, if anything is offered at all except criticism.” “Because if it is criticism for criticism, it’s just uninteresting, but if there are constructive proposals, of course, happy to listen to this”, – said the Russian leader.

But this does not mean that the President would “implement what you’ve heard”. “But to know the whole palette of opinions and suggestions is useful,” – said Vladimir Putin.