The Style You have naturally dry skin, but in the afternoon, glim like a disco ball. Or vice versa: even if you have normal to oily skin, you can feel that sometimes it’s suddenly dry and tight. Is this just coincidence? Anything but this. Your skin will change depending on the time of day. As the clock in the skin, tap it, tap it, and the us.

you Know that feeling you wake up just before the horrible sound of the alarm clock? For one, a good chance for the other person to the tragedy of the loss of a few precious minutes of sleep. In fact, it has simply to do with our circadian rhythm, or biological clock. That is, you know we have been around since the eighteenth century. When the noted astronomer Jean-Jacques Dortous de Mairan very careful that the leaves of the mimosaplant during the daytime, open at night close. Just about all living organisms have a built-in rhythm. But did you know that our skin cells have a distinct biological clock?

From the study, which was published in the professional journal ” the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, suggests that the opperhuidcellen a day-and-night rhythm. Depending on the time of day, subject to the protective barrier, the zuurtegraadregeling, and the repair and regeneration of the skin. This is because the cells in certain genes dieop a specific time, in effect, tells the story of Barbara Geusens, phd, the skin sciences. In the daytime look, especially when it comes to protecting the skin at night for more on regeneration, and repair. That CLOCK genes expression is under the influence of an external stimulus, such as the loss of natural light, and is one of the processes is in progress. In an ideal world, a ticking inner clock is perfectly in sync with the social clock. In reality, however, we have regular and long (or in the early days, are the exams similar to working late at night, and there will always be a place for a (just a little) to a nice party, so that the biological clock is falling behind. Barbara Geusens, “If we’re not going to go to sleep, then make a process is not in progress. People with chronic sleep deprivation, there’s a perfect example of this. Among them, we can see that the wondhelingsprocessen a lot slower.” Therefore, it is in our personal benefit in order to those natural processes and to optimize them. That is to say in the thread, and with the right care, at the right time of the day. And, of course, we know exactly how to do it.


in The early morning for most of the people may not have the gold in your mouth, but, as a rule, however, is a fresh face at Night, focusing our body on the recovery, making sure that the skin in the early uurtjesop of her best looks (with the exception of those few slaaprimpels on your pillow). One caveat: during the night the weather gets warmer, and the skin is doorlaatbaarder. This combination is what makes this night most of the fluid loss. Be the first one to work in the morning? Sunscreen! Nutrients help to provide a protective barrier, so that we will be back in a day to be able to do. Then if necessary, a hydrating primer before make-up. With the moisture and creates the perfect canvas for radiant skin.