According to police, the 19-Year-old at around 14.30 with your Chihuahua in the castle Park, where your dog have one of the balls in the muzzle had been. After the young woman had removed her dog the bait out of the mouth, have you discovered the razor blade in it.

The criminal investigation Department of the police station the Harz in Halberstadt is now determined due to a violation of the animal protection act. Tracks had been secured. The police called on dog owners to take special attention, who has similarly seen prepared bait, should contact the police station resin at the phone number 03941/ 674 293.

A similar case, there had been in the middle of February in hasselfelde, where a shepherd’s dog ate a razor blade booby-trapped bait and to the consequences of his internal injuries had died. A case of poisoned meatballs it had been three years ago, in Thale. (mz/wsl)

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