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– It has been cold in the night. We were not prepared that it should be closer to zero degrees. We slept in sommersoveposer, but it has been incredibly nice to get out after having been confined in a month, ” says Kenneth Lynne.

He is one of those who have availed themselves of the forest and mark the easter holiday. This night he has slept there and it there are several who have done.

– There have been great distances between all hikers. It has been very nice, ” says Lynne.

the SUCCESSFUL ACCOMMODATION: Kenneth Lynne is one of those people who sleep out the night of good Friday. It went very nicely, according to him.

Photo: Heidi Fjørtoft Klokk / NRK Fully on the bus

That there are many who have slept there in the night marked also the Router that is responsible for public transport in Oslo.

In the morning, there was a part that would have to go home after having stayed there, so it was a little full on the first departures. And so it’s probably a huge punch in the afternoon, ” says Åsmund Gulliksen, operational leader in the Glass.

They want people not to use public transport unless it is necessary and encourages people to remember smittevernrådene.

– Travelers must keep a distance and there should not be many on the bus. 30 people on the bus is the limit, ” says Gulliksen.

Most any Routes that people can either choose to walk or cycle to the woods and fields.

Many cars in marka

There are many who have availed themselves of the car to get to marka, but it does that the car parks are full, and it creates problems.

NOT TAKE the BUS: Routes will that people who do not need to avoid to make use of public transport in these days.

Photo: Heidi Fjørtoft Klokk / NRK

– do Not take the car and do not take collective, ” says Richard Kongsteien, director of communications in Bymiljøetaten.

He believes that parkeringene in the fringe of the forests and is not designed for so many people or so many cars. By to leave your car-no problems or fine.

Bymiljøetaten have in fact inserted bybetjenter in these areas that fit that feilparkerte cars are removed and that guide people to find good options for parking.

– If there is a feilparkert car, which prevents mobility, so we try first to get a hold of the owner. If we do not manage it as we start borttauing immediately, ” he says.

Creates trouble for emergency preparedness and response

the Reason why Bymiljøetaten goes so actively removing cars is because it’s all about preparedness and security in marka.

it is important with good mobility if someone needs an ambulance or if the fire department should respond, ” says the communications director in Bymiljøetaten.

On Thursday met with the fire department in Oslo chock-full parking lots at the utfartsårene in marka, as a result of this struggled with to come forward.

– When there are so many cars, the traction our to get into the marka very reduced, ” says brigade commander in the Oslo fire – and redningsetat, Knut Halvorsen.

ENGANGSGRILL: Earlier this week it started to burn in Sørkedalen, the reason was an engangsgrill.

Photo: Albrecht Hofheinz / Private – Sharpen

On good Friday increased the fire department in Oslo has its presence in marka and on the islands in the Oslo fjord.

They are worried about skogbrannfaren and in these days, there are many who are looking to grills.

Before the clock 16.30 on Friday afternoon and have the fire department has been out at around the five fires relating to barbecues.

– It is very dry in the skogsbunnen and it blows a little. It is still allowed to light a fire and we are concerned about, ” says brigade commander in the Oslo fire – and redningsetat, Knut Halvorsen.

Now considering the fire department in Oslo total ban on bonfires and barbecues in the marka. The reason is the many utrykningene and bekymringsmeldingene they have been the last time, writes Dagsavisen.

On Twitter encourages the people to exercise a duty of care by the use of open fire in marka.

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