Film-legend Artur “Atze” Brauner passed away on Sunday at the age of 100 years in Berlin. This confirms his family to the “image” and declared: “We are in deep grief.” According to the newspaper, he has survived a bout of weakness. In four weeks, he had his 101. Celebrated the birthday.

Brown is an Oscar award winning German film producer. Films such as “The white Rose” (1982) and “Hitlerjunge Salomon” (1990) made him world famous.

Brown survived the Holocaust and built after the war in Germany, a new existence as a successful film producer and entrepreneur. In 1972 he received as a Co-producer of the Oscar for the Film “the garden of The Finzi Contini”. Brown produced a total of around 300 films. His wife Maria Brauner (†90) died two years ago. He is survived by his daughter, Alice Brown (53). (euc)