Oscar Sales Bingisser (61) currently, the Swiss cinema-goers with his furious appearance as “Zwingli”-villain Johann Faber in his spell. Already have seen 200’000 spectators, the Film the Start in the Romandie. Also his latest project, leaves no one cold. The hermit leads the Strip spectacle of “Ladies Night” Director, which runs from tomorrow, Thursday in the Zurich Bernhard Theater.

Some will be the Story from the film adaptation of “The Full Monty”. “Stripping the end of men, the pure counterpart to the massive Zwingli Saga,” says Bingisser. “The fast-paced Comedy is a perfect contrast however, the piece also includes double-edged.” On stage with Ex Gottet-Bachelor Rafael Beutl (33), Comedian Midi (52) and the character head Kamil Krejci (57). Bingissers sternest critic is his wife. “When something meets with a positive response, I know that other people have joy. This is also so.”

perfect for the role

For the role of the vicar General, Johann Faber in Stefan Haupt’s (58) “Zwingli” was Bingisser. He grew up in the vicinity of the monastery of Einsiedeln, and has visited the school, including Greek and Latin lessons.

The actor, Director and author was even 20 years ago, in Haupt’s cinema directorial debut, “Utopia Blues” as a cast member. “At the Zürcher theater Spektakel our paths crossed again. Stefan told me he may have a role for me, and invited me to Casting.”


taken during the filming of His villain character, he outlined: “Faber is a man who believes intensely in Catholicism and now the big fear is to lose his influence and Chaos. But he is not a limited power of man, but highly intelligent.” For Bingisser, who loves costumes and time travel, it was a childhood dream come true. “This Archaic shooting in the Grossmünster of Zurich has touched me deeply, although I my Faith is not in active practice.”