” I am pleased with the decision from Helsetilsynet. Now can in any case not this, the surgeon will destroy more, ” says Finn Åge Olsen (58).

In 2017 broke lyngdølen ankle after falling down from a ladder. After several unsuccessful operations had the leg eventually amputated just below the knee.

The first two operations were conducted by a foreign orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital in Flekkefjord. He was then the responsible orthopaedic surgeon.

NRK told last year that this doctor risked losing authorization for several feiloperasjoner.

Now helsetilsynet concluded that the doctor will receive a limited authorisation.

This is not the same doctor who reviewed by Helsetilsynet after several feiloperasjoner both in Flekkefjord and Kristiansand.

the Surgeon will work at Flekkefjord hospital in the two years from spring 2016. He was also responsible orthopaedic surgeon while he worked there.

Photo: Per-Bill Sandbakk / NRK aerial photo Should have been referred to Kristiansand

Helsetilsynet states that the doctor has broken forsvarlighetskravet and get limited authorization.

He could not “independently perform bruddbehandling or treat complications as a result of fractures” is it in the decision.

Helsetilsynet also believes that the extensive surgery should have been performed at the hospital in Flekkefjord and that ” … the clinical history and x-rays should have been discussed with the department in Kristiansand, and that the patient should have been referred there at this time or previously.”

Reduced quality of life

The foreign surgeon working no longer at the hospital in Flekkefjord. He worked there from summer 2016 to spring 2018.

Find Åge Olsen is relieved after the decision.

– It is like a sack that fell from the shoulders of my now. I’m happy with this, ” says the 58 – year-old has been the quality of life significantly reduced after feilbehandlingen.

If he is out and working in the garden for a little while, he must sit in a chair the rest of the day.

I should have put some potatoes, but it takes its time. I have not even been chopped up kitchen garden yet, ” says Olsen.

Find Åge Olsen has been a reduced quality of life after malpractice. He ended with amputated høyrebein after a ankelbrudd.

Photo: Per-Bill Sandbakk / NRK 44 patients receive a new assessment

After The cases on feilbehandlinger at Sørlandet hospital, has nearly 50 people who also believe themselves to be feilbehandlet, made contact with the lyngdølen.

I’ve not done too much other than to refer them to fylkeslegen and say that they have to complain, ” says Olsen.

the Surgeon who has been limited authorization its of Helsetilsynet, is one of two doctors who examined at Sørlandet hospital.

At the end of February, it became clear that patients who are operated on by these two doctors can get the operations reviewed again.

Sørlandet hospital informs that the 44 patients, which is operated by the former surgeon at the hospital in Flekkefjord, has made contact.

These will get a new assessment.

the 164 patients who are operated on by the doctor who worked in Flekkefjord from 2008 to 2019 and in Kristiansand until February of this year, will also receive a new assessment.

This doctor examined also by Helsetilsynet after several operations. Among other things, performed the doctor who is not trained as a orthopaedic surgeon a complicated reoperasjon Find Åge Olsen ankle.

the Case against this doctor, is not finished being scrutinized.

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Managing director at South coast hospital, Nina Mevold, taking the decision from Helsetilsynet to the orientation. She points out that the doctor does not work at Sørlandet hospital longer.

What does it say about the quality that has been in Flekkefjord when he was the top orthopedic physician no longer allowed to operate in the fractures alone?

– I see that Helsetilsynet come with the same conclusion as kvalitetsrådet did in Flekkefjord in 2018. When recommended to stop further use of this surgeon to work independently, ” says Mevold.

do you Fear that there are many more that are operated by him and can be feilbehandlet?

– No. I put such emotion in it. At the same time, I wish that all of the information around these cases are on the table, ” says Mevold.

Managing director at South coast hospital, Nina Mevold, says she takes Helsetilsynets decision about the former surgeon in Flekkefjord to the orientation.

Photo: Jon Anders Mill / NRK Doctor sorry

the Surgeon that has received limited authorization its says to NRK that he thinks it’s sad, but that he accepts Helsetilsynets decision.

– It restricts a lot of activity I can do by traumeortopedi, but I must accept it. It was I who was responsible for the treatment of the patient, both when I operated him, and as the responsible orthopaedic surgeon.

the Doctor sorry also the failed operations towards Finn Åge Olsen.

– To lose the foot after a ankelbrudd of course, is not something that should happen. I hope the patient still has confidence in health personnel and the Norwegian sykehussystemet, ” he says.

Managing director at South coast hospital, Nina Mevold, says she takes Helsetilsynets decision about the former surgeon in Flekkefjord to the orientation.

Photo: Jon Anders Mill / NRK