Orphans will be able to receive 1.5 million rubles for the purchase of housing

Recall now orphans over the age of 18 years must obtain an apartment from the state. By law, regional authorities are required to distinguish it from the special housing Fund. But it is not always happening on time. Sometimes cherished flats have to wait for years.

– as of 10 January 2020 the total number of orphans, which shall ensure the premises is 279 260 persons, – stated in the explanatory note to the bill. – Of these, 191 004 people, whose right to housing has come, but not implemented (18 years and older).

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And this despite the fact that to ensure orphans flats regions each year comes from Federal aid. Only for 2020 for these purposes, provided more than 7.7 billion rubles. In 2021 and 2022 – will be the same amount.

– Given the number of orphans in need of housing, the bill proposes to expand the forms and enforcement mechanisms – explain the authors of the bill. – It is proposed to give the state housing certificate is a personal document certifying the right to a single payment for the purchase of premises.

the Payment of state housing certificates will be approximately 1 487,3 million rubles. At the rate of 33 sq. m. per person. The estimated average cost per square meter – 45 068 roubles. (This is the average figure for Russia in 2019, according to the Ministry of construction).

the bill Also introduces the obligation of orphans to inform the authorities of their actual location. This should be done once in six months. If the terms are violated, the orphans can be removed from the list for an apartment, but will retain the right to repeat about theincrement. Why did it take such a rule? Often local authorities simply do not know where to look for the orphan, entitled to the apartment. The apartment is like and bought, but idle. And such cases occur on the territory of 66 regions of the Russian Federation.

What else sets the bill? The list of conditions for which there can be children-orphans in the same apartment with my parents (who were deprived of parental rights). For such conditions it is proposed to include the cases when these persons:

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– sick of chronic alcoholism or drug addiction.

– has an unexpunged or outstanding convictions for serious or particularly serious crimes

– have or had a criminal record, subject to criminal prosecution for crimes against life and health, freedom, honour and dignity, sexual inviolability and sexual freedom, against family and minors, the constitutional order and security of the state as well as against public safety. Exception – persons, criminal prosecution in respect of which terminated on rehabilitative grounds.