On Friday resumed work Paris Orly airport, closed March 31 c for the duration of the quarantine. The second largest passenger hub of France announced the commencement of operations is primarily local and European lines, as well as in overseas territory of France. The beginning of the flight was marked by military action “green”, demanding to ban flights within the country.The oldest passenger airports in France reopened. Closed on March 31 in connection with the reduction of flights, it started with Friday morning to receive and send flights. It is only one of the four terminals — Orly 3, part of the former Orly Ouest. The rest just preparing to return to a normal life, because the airport is now about a tenth of the previous power. The state company of the Paris airports, ADP is going to gradually increase the flow, waiting for the resumption of international transportation and return lines, the state airline Air France and its low-cost airline Hop!, translated into a period of quarantine to the terminals of the second capital airport of Roissy—Charles-de-Gaulle. The question of the continued existence of Orly and that will make other companies based there, first of all, Transavia, Easyjet, Vueling and Air Caraibes.Much now depends on the list of countries with which France will resume a message in July since the first day. Through the airport was a significant part of flights to North Africa — Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco. Out flew the aircraft in an overseas territory of France, providing them with constant communication with the metropolis. Most of the former colonies now have no serious health problems. But bordering Brazil, French Guiana is suffering from a virus and is preparing to enter again into the quarantine. On transatlantic flights, too, there is no question, in particular the growth of the epidemic in the United States and Brazil may lead to a complete ban on the entry of them in France and, accordingly, mutual constraints. Discussed the issue with Russia, though, most likely, the situation with coronavirus will not allow the Russians in July to return to Orly, where from the beginning of 2019 flew Aeroflot and S7.Undoubtedly, the airport will change due to new environmental regulations, which is preparing to enter France. CEO Benjamin Smith has agreed to a 40% decrease in the number of transports within France, and Secretary of state for transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari said he will ensure that the liberated Air France and Hop! the slots were not occupied by other airlines.Green go further: convened by President Emmanuel Macron, a meeting of citizens climate demanded June 21, among other measures, cancellation of air links with the possibility of a four-hour rail journey. And while this is debated, the climate fighters are taking the most decisive��e actions are not to fly yourself and not allow others to fly. Immediately after sending the first flight to Orly took action, radical groups Extinction of the Rebellion. The participants, breaking the fence, got on the runway and briefly disrupted the operation of the airport. “We demand a ban on all domestic flights. Immediately!” — said the activists.Alexey Tarkhanov, Paris