Orlando Bloom (42) has advertised his Villa in Los Angeles at the time of purchase. The agents of the Superstars has switches on the property, according to “The Sun” on multiple sales portals. Price: 8.9 Million Swiss Francs. The buyer gets also a lot to offer.

Especially the corner of the sofa can be convinced��. Which is embedded in the ground and provides space for more than 20 people at once. Otherwise, the Villa features a huge swimming Pool, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a walk-in closet and a great view of the Skyline of Los Angeles and the Pacific ocean on the other side.

wedding with Katy Perry to compromise

plan After the sale, Orlando Bloom and his fiancée, Katy Perry (34) to move in together. Finally, you want to get married this year, after the “pirates of the Caribbean”actor and the singer on Valentine’s day made a request. With the sale of the two could have a huge Party, but according to an Insider, Bloom and Perry want to tackle it a little quieter.

Ex-wife Miranda Kerr (36) married to Bloom quite modestly in a small round. The wedding of Katy Perry and her Ex-husband, Comedian Russell Brand (43), in turn, was an extravagant, on the, the singer on an elephant to the Altar of a ride. “Now, try to find a middle ground,” says an Insider to People. (klm)